A Star (2002)
An Actor (2006)



screenings 2004:

04.03.2004 23:00 Schubert 1
05.03.2004 14:30 Schubert 1
graz/ A :: diagonale

march 07th :: los angeles / USA ::
award: best director of animation

may 01TH :: new york / USA ::

july 22TH :: las vegas / USA ::
award for best animation

2006 08.09. - 22.10. Bornholm / DK


"a moviemaker" was one of the cutest animated shorts I have seen in a long time.  It was completely done in
clay.   The character (with no name) copies itself to use as an actor.  It is so funny when he gets into the
mold with the straws in his nose and must then get out of the mold.  That had to be one of the funniest
Working with clay in animation is not easy and doing even a short film is hard.  Kudos to the filmmaker for
making this great 20-minute short.  It is just a very clever and more for adults than children.
(Vegas artcorner)